Your Best Bet for Check Collection Services

Receiving a bad check can put you in a tight situation. At their most harmless, bad checks can be a nuisance that can be easily rectified with a phone call. At their worst, they can be time-consuming and potentially crippling issue that can take weeks to fix, if it can be fixed at all. In most cases, going with some kind of check collection services is the best way to go about getting your money. While there are many different kinds of check collection services out there to choose from, Global Check Recovery is far and away the best agency.

Most other check collection services charge a myriad of services charges. First, they begin the charge parade with an initial setup fee. This can be for any amount – it’s completely up to the check collection agency. Following that fee, you will be charged monthly or annual fees, based on what service you use. There are even some agencies you expect a rental fee or payment for equipment, or they will take a percentage of the recovered check amount. At Global Check Recovery, we do not charge fees of any kind. There are no setup or recurring fees, nor do we ask for a percentage of your rightful money. Our payment comes from banks’ check return fees; that way, you collect every cent of your lost funds.

Another way other check collection services try to squeeze more money from you is by requiring minimum transaction size and mandating that you meet a monthly minimum of NSF checks to be collected. This is not the way it works at Global Check Recovery. We only collect on checks you give us, regardless of transaction size.

One of the best things about Global Check Recovery, other than the fact it is completely free, is that our check collection services are typically more effective than most other check collection services. Although it is commonly said that when “you’re paying for it” you’re getting the best service, this simply isn’t true in our case. Check collection services who charge have a 40% to 50% success rate. At Global Check Recovery, we boast an astounding 50% to 85% success rate.

Stop being taken advantage by overcharging and underperforming check collection services. Contact Global Check Recovery today by calling 1-800-524-3339 and get back to business!

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