What is the Best Method for Bad Check Recovery?

Every business or organization that accepts checks eventually comes across a bad one. These bad checks can be frustrating for small business owners or accounting departments, and occasionally nothing is done to collect the debt. In cases like this the bad check becomes a loss for the business or organization. There are options out there for bad check recovery that can actually get you the money owed without headache, hassle, or hair pulling.

Global Check Recovery offers a simple solution for your business or organization to recover the funds owed from bad checks. We are an industry leader in check collections and our advanced technology allows us to represent bad checks with a greater success rate than individuals doing it on their own. Through years of experience we have developed an extraordinarily efficient means of bad check recovery.

The alternative to working with a company like Global Check Recovery is pursuing the collection on your own. This process involves dealing directly with the check writer, the bank, and potentially the legal system. If a debt cannot be resolved with the check writer or their bank, the only course of action is taking the individual to court. Even if the court finds a judgment in your favor, there is still the task of collecting the debt. After all, the court order is only a sheet of paper.

Having a bad check escalate to the legal arena is a costly and time consuming ordeal. This is something that typically can only be pursued by larger companies or organizations. Small businesses or individuals often do not have the time or money to fight a bad check in court. That’s why Global Check Recovery handles bad check recovery before it escalates into a legal battle.

Simply collect your bad checks and send them to Global Check Recovery. There is no set up fee, annual fee, or check minimum for this service. In fact, our recovery service is done without any cost to the merchant at all. All of our compensation is collected through the bank’s returned check fees. Feel confident, knowing your bad check recovery is being handled at no cost to you, by a professional service with over 15 years of check collection experience. Call 1-866-524-3339 today and find out more about how we can help your business or organization collect on bad checks.

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