What is Check Representment and How Can it Help Your Business?

Check representment is a process used for collecting money owed from bad checks. If your business receives a bad check from an account that does not have sufficient funds, the check bounces. For many, a bounced check is viewed as a profit loss. However, check representments offer a business owner a means to re-present the check to the bank at a later time when proper funds may be available to cover the amount. This representment process can be done directly through the bank or handled by a third party collection agency like GlobalCheckRecovery.com.

Check representment gives business and organizations additional opportunities to collect payments for the products or services the customer received. This makes representment a better alternative than simply taking a loss. The representment process can be tricky since there is no guarantee the account will have sufficient funds when the check is processed the second time. Also, financial institutions limit the number of times a check can be presented, so it’s important not to waste the opportunity.

Collecting on bounced checks can be time consuming process since it involves communication with the bank. That is why Global Check Recover offers representment services to businesses and organizations. By working with Global Check Recovery, you can save yourself the hassle of dealing directly with the bank. Representments are handled electronically through a sophisticated system designed to maximize successful check representments.

Working with Global Check Recovery on check representments ensures greater success in collecting on bad checks. The service is provided at no charge to the merchant and there are no account setup fees, monthly fees, or check minimums involved. Simply sign up for Global Check Recovery’s service and mail your bad checks as you receive them. Global Check Recovery will handle the entire representment process for you. Your account will also have a dedicated account manager who you can talk to about your account and the check representment process.

If you want to start turning your bad checks into cash, contact Global Check Recovery today and sign up for their free check representment service. It’s a simple and efficient way to handle bounced checks.

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