The Check Recovery Service that Cares

As a business owner, accountant, landlord, or any other type of person who relies on payment from clients, you know that having up-to-date, accurate records of all financial transactions is paramount. You need to be able to properly report your numbers and plan for the future in order to keep your business running, and to do that you need to be sure that you are receiving your rightfully owed payments, be it in the form of cash, credit card transactions, or checks.

Checks can sometimes pose a difficult issue. As a business owner, you will inevitably run into an NSF check. These can happen as a result of an accidental over-withdrawal or some other simple mistake. In these cases, all it takes is a phone call to the checkwriter to clear up any issues. Other times, however, you may encounter a checkwriter who is nefariously trying to avoid making payments to you by intentionally writing bad checks. When this happens, it may seem like the only option is to chalk it up as a loss and somehow make ends meet without your money.

Fortunately, Global Check Recovery is here to help you through situations like the one described above. Global Check Recovery can help you recover 100% of the funds that are owed to you from NSF checks. All you need to do is sign up for our check recovery service and we handle the rest. Did we mention our check recovery service is completely free? We offer our experienced and knowledgeable staff’s services, absolutely free with no contract commitment, set up fees, or monthly or annual subscription fees. You can send us as many NSF checks as you like – there is no limit to the number of checks we can recovery using our check recovery service.

Global Check Recovery uses a highly sophisticated electronic representment method to recover your funds from NSF checks, business or personal. As long as each check isn’t older than 180 days and is less than $2,500, they are eligible for our check recovery service. You will be assigned an account manager who will keep you in the loop with all updates about your NSF checks. When we recover your funds, we return 100% of the money to you – with no hidden fees!

NSF checks can become a nightmare, but Global Check Recovery is here to make sure your business never gets hurt. Contact us today by calling 1-866-524-3339.

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