The Best Bounced Check Recovery for Small Businesses

If a large business receives a bad check it can often be shrugged off without serious consequence. A small business however, relies on the income generated from every sale. As a small business owner, a bad check can be a thorn in the side, not only because it means lost revenue, but also because it can be very time consuming to attempt a collection. Time is one thing most small business owners are lacking, so bounced check recovery can seem difficult or impossible to achieve.

At Global Check Recovery, we have the tools to help small business owners collect their lost revenue without having to invest too much of their own time. This ensures business owners can continue to run their business without having to worry about the check collection process. That means no phone tag with the bank, no collection letters, and no guess work. Global Check Recovery will handle the collection process and present you the funds when the collection is finalized.

By using a sophisticated electronic system Global Check Recovery is able to represent checks to the bank with greater success than business owners can do on their own. This results in better bounced check recovery and peace of mind for the business owner, and best of all the service is free. Global Check Recovery will give the business the entire amount collected, keeping for itself only the check fees charged by the bank.   

In addition to not charging a collection fee for bounced check recovery services, Global Check Recovery does not charge a monthly fee or a set up fee. Simply send us your bad checks and we will take care of the rest. There is no minimum number of checks required. We will process the recovery of one, or one hundred checks, our services are flexible so they’re ideal for small businesses.   

Global Check Recovery has over 15 years of experience helping businesses of all sizes with their bounced check recovery. Let us help you get the money you deserve without having to invest all the time and effort needed to get it on your own. Global Check Recovery is your partner is business success!

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