The Benefits of Electronic Check Recovery

If your business or organization receives bad checks on a regular basis, you need a check recovery solution that will get you the results you’re looking for. If you are currently handling your own check recovery processes, it’s time to consider the benefits of electronic check recovery. Global Check Recovery offers electronic check recovery solutions that are compatible with any size business or organization.

The traditional check collection process involves contacting the bank and trying to get the bad check cashed. Not only is this method time consuming, but there are no guarantees that the check will go through the second time. This process can quickly become a hassle if you have multiple checks to deal with, each from its own issuing bank. It adds up to hours on the phone with no promise of collecting funds.

With Global Check Recovery’s electronic check recovery service, checks are presented electronically to the bank, and timed in such a way as to maximize their recovery potential. This is the reason Global Check Recovery has a higher success rate when compared to traditional recovery methods.  In addition, Global Check Recovery provides online reporting so you can stay up to date on the recovery process as it’s happening.

Global Check Recovery can work with your billing or accounting department to make sure your interests are protected. There is never a minimum number to checks to send or a service fee. The electronic check recovery program is fast and easy to use. As long as the check is less than 180 days old and the total amount is less than $2500.00 it can be processed through Global Check Recovery’s electronic check recovery system.

Unlike other collection agency’s Global Check Recovery’s electronic check recovery does not require any contracts or service charges. The electronic check recovery process typically yields a better success rate than traditional collection agencies as well. To learn more about electronic check recovery, or to get started today, contact Global Check Recovery tool free at 1-866-524-3339, their friendly staff will be glad to answer your questions and get you started.  Get back the money you’re owed with Global Check Recovery!

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