Legal Ramifications of an NSF Check

Have you ever worried about the legal ramifications of sending out a bad check? Or, have you ever wondered how you would get money owed to you if someone sent you a bad check? These are commonly asked questions we get all the time on NSF check laws. There are ways to handle both of these situations through the legal system, but that can tie up your business in paperwork that you just wouldn’t have time for. Here at Global Check Recovery, we make it our priority to get your funds back as quickly as possible, without any of the downsides of the legal system.

Types of Legal Penalties

There are usually two types of legal penalties when it has to deal with NSF check laws, and they are civil and criminal. Criminal laws usually deal more with fraudulent checks, while civil laws involve normal bounced checks along with any incurring costs associated with the NSF check (ie legal fees). Usually in most cases, civil penalties are the most common as fraudulent checks are becoming less and less common. Criminal and civil cases are punished on a state to state basis, so if you are wondering about your own state laws, please visit your state’s legal website.

Collecting the Money You are Owed

Recovering money you are owed from a bounced check is a different story, as there are different NSF check laws that deal with this. Writing a formal letter asking for repayment and sending it using certified mail is the norm for some state laws. You can file a lawsuit to gain additional funds in addition to the check, but this also wastes valuable time that is needed to run your business to look for a lawyer and spend time in court.

What Should I Do?

Although there are many upsides in seeking justice through the legal system, the obvious answer to your check recovery woes would be to contact an agent here at Global Check Recovery. You won’t have to waste money towards legal fees that might or might not recover the money you’ve already lost. Set up fees, monthly or annual memberships aren’t required to get your money back through Global Check Recovery! Contact us by calling toll free at 1-866-524-3339.

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