Keep Your Business Going with Bounced Check Recovery

Many small business owners comes across bounced checks on a fairly regular basis. Small businesses have the advantage of having a small enough customer base to handle the situation face to face. Sometimes, however, this is not an option, and as your monthly budgets start to disintegrate before your eyes, you may need to look into proper bounced check recovery. There are many bounced check recovery services out there, so it is necessary to do thorough research.

When you use a bounced check recovery service, oftentimes the service will require a minimum number of checks per month. This can prove problematic for small businesses who don’t receive the monthly minimum of bounced checks per month. Also, small businesses will be charged a service charge on each check, meaning you will not receive the full amount of what is owed to you. There is also the possible problem of lack of coverage. Many bounced check recovery services don’t process out-of-state checks. If your business operates online or is a popular tourist attraction, you may be out of luck when it comes to bounced check recovery. eliminates all the aforementioned issues and more. We do not require a minimum number of checks per month, nor do we limit our services to in-state checks. We can handle checks from anywhere in the US. Also, we do not charge service fees of any kind. In fact, we do not charge a monthly membership fee or a set-up fee. All you need to do is sign up for our services, provide us with the check or checks, and we handle the rest.

Our custom electronic check collection system has a success rate that is about 20-30% greater than most other check collection agencies. Using our state-of-the-art technique, we are able to determine the best times to represent a check to the bank and avoid missed opportunities for fund collection. Best of all, we offer our exceptional services free of charge to you.

Bounced check recovery can be an upsetting and damaging process that may prove to be unsatisfying when done on your own. Contact Global Check Recovery today by calling 1-866-524-3339 and let us handle your bounced check recovery!

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