Company History

company historyGlobal Check Recovery (GCR), incorporated in 1997, provides valuable check collection services to companies and organizations throughout the nation.

Having refined its business model for over 15 years, GCR is now a leader in the industry. GCR uses its deep understanding of the regulatory environment, business processes, and latest technology to provide efficient and cost-effective means of recovering “returned checks” for businesses and organizations across the United States.

In the past, check recovery by companies using their own internal methods or traditional collection agencies sometimes cost more than the recovered assets were worth! By adopting our unique recovery service, businesses no longer worry about costs, staffing, procedures, technology, and the changing regulatory landscape.

The service is like getting a free employee and can work in any market. Why should a check writer’s error become your loss? Let GCR do the work for you!

Building Partnerships

GCR is progressively using its extensive resources and technology to provide a completely efficient and largely cost-effective means of actually producing new revenue for its partner companies.

By offering this service for free to its partner companies and organizations, GCR is expanding rapidly. GCR’s aim is to build strong partnerships with prospective companies and organizations. These partnerships have proven to be both very financially profitable and also act as a visual indication of security to the partner company’s and organization’s prospective and current customer base; customers appreciate doing business with companies who strive to keep their costs down.

The needs of its partner companies and organizations are paramount to GCR. GCR works with their partners on a case-by-case basis tailoring a fully customized solution to that company or organization’s specific wants and needs and can adapt this solution as the requirements of the organization grow and change; GCR does not believe in blanket policies that become stagnant with time in an ever-changing market.

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