Choose Global Check Recovery Over Other Check Collection Agencies

Unlike other check collection agencies, Global Check Recovery provides a free collection service that is actually more effective at returning funds lost through bounced checks. Our check recovery services out-perform other check collection agencies on every level and we offer our services at absolutely no cost to you. By collecting the check return fees from banks, we are able to locate and return funds from NSF checks to our clients without charge.

Other check collection agencies charge you frequently. They begin by charging you a setup fee, which is often followed by monthly or annual fees for their services. Some check collection agencies force you to lease or purchase special equipment, or take a fraction of the funds they return.  At Global Check Recovery, we don’t charge you any fees of any kind. All of our payment comes from the banks’ check return fees, meaning we return 100% of your lost funds to you and offer our services for free.

But if Global Check Recovery is a free check collection service, how does it compare with check collection agencies who do charge fees? While you might believe that you need to pay for better check recovery, the facts speak for themselves. Other check collection agencies are successful with 40% to 50% of their collection attempts. GCR collects your NSF funds on 50% to 85% of our check recovery efforts.

Traditional check collection agencies may require you to maintain a minimum account size or a minimum transaction size. They also may also require you to meet a monthly minimum of checks to be collected. At Global Check Recovery, we only collect on the NSF checks you specify. We don’t require any minimums for monthly collections, account size, or transaction size.

GCR is also more effective for out of state checks. Other check collection agencies typically can only locate and recover checks within their state boundaries. We can collect on checks written anywhere within the United States.

So stop paying for other check collection agencies that are less effective than our free services, and return to worrying about what’s really important – your business or organization. Effectively recover your NSF checks today with

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