Check Collection Agency for Educational Institutions

We all know that the name of the game in life is to gather some sort of knowledge so that you can make a viable career for yourself. If you can't pay the bills, life can be pretty tough. Even the most basic jobs for people who are starting out still require you to learn to adapt to a system, work efficiently with others, and how to communicate. Whether you're studying to become a doctor, learning a trade such as masonry, or you are refining your creative or artistic abilities, you are going to need to learn from somewhere. The most common place to learn a skill or trade is at an institution of higher education.

But we also all know that education isn't free and by the time graduation rolls around, you do have to start thinking about paying back your student loans or tuition bills. If you are someone who has ever worked in a higher education institution's billing department, you probably have seen many instances where tuition checks can not be properly processed due to Non-Sufficient Funds. It makes operating your business tricky if you have been planning to have a certain amount of revenue, only to find that some of your checks can not be cashed.

If you find yourself in the above situation, can be of assistance. We are a Bad Check Collection Agency that can assist you getting the funds that you had been anticipating. If are interested in learning more about our Check Collection Agency, here are a few of the finer details:

  1. Our Check Collection Agency helps you obtain 100% of the face value of the NSF Check that we collection
  2. The cost to you is absolutely nothing, we are a FREE online service
  3. Collected funds will be reimbursed to you on a weekly basis
  4. Our technology gives us the ability to strategically time all re-presentments
  5. You will receive a full report, with the option of having your reports be available online
  6. Your account will have its own specialized Account Manager, trained by our Check Collection Agency.
  7. Experience a higher collection rate
  8. Put your mind at ease knowing that we will do all of the work for you.

Don't forget that our Check Collection Agency offers all of this to you absolutely FREE! Contact us if you have any more information.

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