Why Pay for Debt Collection Services?

Why would you pay a collection agency to collect on your NSF checks when Global Check Recovery’s debt collection services can provide more assistance to you completely free of charge? Global Check Recovery is more than a free service. We are less restricted and more effective than traditional collection agencies, and we don’t require any special attention from our clients. There are no setup fees for us to begin collecting on your NSF checks and we don’t charge monthly or annual fees for our debt collection services either. We don’t require you to purchase or lease any equipment from us at any time. We also don’t make you pay any cancellation fees. Most importantly, after we collect on the check, we return 100% of the amount to you.

How can we provide debt collection services to your business for free and keep our business operating at the same time? We collect the check return fee from the banks and therefore do not need to charge your business, municipality, education provider, or non-profit organizations. Because we aren’t a localized organization, like a collection agency bound inside their state, we can hunt down the funds for your NSF checks throughout the country.

We handle both personal and business checks that are not worth more than $2500 and are less than 180 days old. If proper identification was presented at point of sale, and the check was returned for Insufficient Funds or a similar reason, our expert debt collection services can return your money to you. A traditional collection agency experiences a 40-50% success rate when collecting on bad checks, but Global Check Recovery’s success rate is 50-85%. Remember, those services aren’t costing our clients any money at all.

With Global Check Recovery, you’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager to personally oversee the return of your funds. We reimburse you any money from checks we collect on a weekly basis, so you don’t have to wait for the money to be usable again. We also provide online reporting so you can track our efforts on your behalf.

Stop spending time chasing down your NSF funds and let the debt collection services at GlobalCheckRecovery.com find your money quicker, more effectively, and without cost to you today.

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