What to Do When Receiving a Bad Check

Intentionally writing a bad check is a crime, but not everyone writes bad checks on purpose so it’s important to take a few steps before requesting prosecution. Also, if you are suffering from bad check collection you can contact a check recovery service to cash the check amount. Here are a few steps you should take when receiving a bad check:

Contact the customer. Let the owner of the bad check know that their check was bad and that they need write a good check or another form of payment so that you receive their money. When taking a check from anyone have them write their phone number somewhere on the check in case this should happen. Be careful about when you call and how often. You don’t want to harass the customer but simply explain the mistake and resolve it. Remember to stay polite and not to make any threats.

  1. Send the customer a certified letter. With this letter include a return receipt, demanding the payment to be made for the bad check. This will also show the writer of the check that you mean business and you will not let this slide. They may realize that prosecution can be the end result if they do not pay you.
  2. Contact the bank. Wait a few days after sending the letter and then call the bank to see if the check is now good. The customer may have deposited money into the account since your first attempts. You can call the bank and say you have a check for the following account and you usually can ask if there is enough in the account for you to cash the check.
  3. Begin your request for prosecution. If all attempts are made and the customer is uncooperative you may want to take further action. Make sure before taking this step that the bad check wasn’t a simple mistake. Before requesting prosecution you should send the customer a written notice about your attempts and your next steps without being threatening.

At this point you should contact the police department or district attorney before taking any further steps. If you are in need of this money you can contact GlobalCheckRecovery.com and report your bad check collection and receive the payment.

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