What Is Check Recovery?

While many checks pass through your business or organization without any issues, you will occasionally encounter a bad check. A bad check is a check from an account that does not have sufficient funds, and when your business or organization receives one, you can either take it as profit loss or do something to collect the funds that are rightfully yours. In the latter case, you will need some form of bad check recovery.

What is bad check recovery? Simply put, bad check recovery is a process through which a business or organization goes to recover the funds initially promised on the bad check. A much better option than taking a loss, bad check recovery ensures that you will receive your funds. The process itself can be circuitous and difficult, and that’s why Global Check Recovery is here to help you through.

There are many roadblocks to navigate if you attempted bad check recovery on your own. First, financial institutions limit the amount of times you can represent a check. This is problematic, as there is no way for you to be sure if the account has sufficient funds. Poor timing can result in wasted check representment opportunities.

Second, collecting on bad checks can become a time consuming pursuit. Communication with the bank may not always be smooth, resulting in time away from running your business or organization. Fortunately, Global Check Recovery has the knowledge, experience, and technology to help you through this procedure. When you work with Global Check Recovery, you’ll save yourself the aggravation and time consumption that usually comes with dealing with financial institutions. We handle all communications so you can focus on your business or organization. We also avoid exceeding check representment limits by using a sophisticated electronic system, guaranteeing you successful bad check recovery.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to using Global Check Recovery over another service or doing it yourself is our commitment to keeping our services absolutely free. Many other check recovery services charge account set up fees, monthly subscription fees, and require a check minimum. Global Check Recovery requires none of these. All you need to do is sign up for Global Check Recovery’s service and send us your bad checks. We handle the entire process for you and assign you an account manager to keep you updated as the process moves forth and answer any questions that may arise.

Don’t let the difficult process of bad check recovery keep you from doing what you love. Contact Global Check Recovery and let us take the burden from your shoulders so you can get back to business as usual.

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