Trust Global Check Recovery for your Check Recovery Service

For businesses like public utility companies that receive thousands of personal and business checks each year, it’s inevitable that bad checks find their way in from time to time. Unless a business is appropriately staffed to handle these bad checks it can be difficult and time consuming to attempt to recover the lost money. Outsourcing the check collection to a check recovery service is a cost effective way to recover funds without the need for added staff.

Global Check Recovery has been providing check recovery service to businesses and organizations for over 15 years. Their expertise and unique recovery service helped to make them a leader in the check recovery field. Many companies trust Global Check Recovery to handle their bad checks so they can focus their time and effort on more important things, like running their business.

Unlike other debt collection solutions, the check recovery service provided by Global Check Recovery is free of charge. There are no set up fees or monthly fees to open an account, and there is no minimum to the number of checks you can process. Global check recovery collects any check fees imposed by the bank, and returns 100% of the recovered check amount to the original business or organization who received the bad check.

Global Check Recovery prides itself in building lasting partnerships with their clients. Every account has a personal account supervisor that is there to ensure the best customer experience possible. For larger accounts Global Check Recovery can work with the client to tailor a completely custom solution for their unique business needs.

If your business or organization receives a high volume of checks and you need help collecting payments from bad checks, look no further than Global Check Recovery for your electronic check representment needs. The team at Global Check Recovery can save your business the hassle of pursuing its own collections and help get you the money owed.

For more information about check recovery services, contact Global Check Recovery at 1-816-524-3339 or tool free at 1-866-524-3339. Let Global Check Recovery help your business or organization run more smoothly.

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