The Way to Bounce a Check: How to Collect on Bad Checks Once They Bounce

Possibilities of a NSF check are most relevant every day, especially since so much of what we do when paying for things is instantaneous and online. In this case, you may consider a service that will help you collecting on bad checks. When considering having an over-draft agreement, here are a few things to consider when it comes to your ability to “always pay things without worry of overdraft”. Bounced checks can happen in a variety of ways, here are just a few.

  • Your credit account may have been breached. This could occur in a myriad of ways, but it can affect your spending and possibly affect if a check has NSF. When another party enters your account, it makes it nearly impossible to track spending. Especially, if you are unaware when the breach occurred. Sadly, this is very prevalent at this time and is a reality of account planning.
  • Your account balance actually includes your fees for overdraft protection. This can show a higher balance than really available and not give you the actual amount that is in your account. When this occurs, it is common for you to expect that you can use your total amount in your account.
  • You make a deposit and write a check at the same time. In this case, it is very difficult to calculate the amount of time it takes for all of the transactions to be completed. During this time the check may clear before the deposit is available, leaving you open to a bad check.
  • You do not factor in an occasional expense. This is a very common mistake where your bills are all accounted for but a wrench gets thrown in when taxes are taken out, a seasonal expense occurs or an unexpected circumstance leaves you open to a dishonored check.
  • You may deposit a check for a 3rd party. In this circumstance, it is very possible that the 3rd party has also had issues with any of the above mentioned instances. In this case, you would accept responsibility for the 3rd party’s check and accept all fees that go along with it.

When considering the possibility of NSF check cashing, think of these instances as true reality when it comes to using checks. As this occurs it rests on the company until the bad check is resolved. If you are a company looking to get your money back where it belongs, consider a check recovery service. Global Check Recovery has no monthly or annual fees and will guarantee 100% of the check amount to be returned while online reporting. This service could be extremely helpful in reducing cost for the company so you are able to reallocate expenses where they belong, back into your business. The time is now to get your money back by collecting on bad checks. Call us today with any concerns or questions about our check recovery service!

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