The Advantages of Electronic Check Representment

If you run a business or organization and depend on incoming checks, then you probably don’t have time or cash on hand to cover the damaging effects of NSF checks. When a company receives an NSF check, the results can be disastrous. The loss of revenue from an NSF check can mean missed payroll, numerous bank fees, and wasted time spent trying to remedy the difficult situation. If you have experienced these hassles or would like to avoid falling into the trap of NSF checks, now is the time to consider electronic check representment from Global Check Recovery.

When an individual attempts to collect on a bad check, the process can be a very arduous and most likely unsuccessful one. This complicated and frustrating process is only exacerbated if your company has multiple check issues. This wasted time away from your company only makes your unfortunate financial situation worse.

Rather than attempt check recovery on your own, let Global Check Recovery handle the process. At Global Check Recovery, we use a special process called electronic check representment. During this process, your NSF checks will be represented to the bank electronically, completely eliminating long and patience-testing phone calls. The electronic check representment is timed in such a way that maximizes the checks’ recovery potential. We also provide online reporting of your electronic check representment so you can stay up to date with the check recovery process in real time.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff works with your billing and accounting department to ensure total communication throughout the process. There is no minimum number of checks, and as long as the check is less than 180 days old and the total amount is less than $2,500, we can process the check or checks through our electronic check representment system.

We understand that dealing with NSF checks is not a pleasant or financially easy time. That’s why our services are completely free. We do not charge a set up or service fee, nor do we require monthly membership fees. All you need to do is fill out our online form and send us the checks and we handle the rest. Don’t let a bad check stop your business – call Global Check Recovery today at 1-866-524-3339.

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