Smart Bounced Check Recovery

When businesses decide to accept checks as a form of payment for their services, they immediately open the door to the risk of receiving non-sufficient funds checks. In these situations, businesses usually contract a bounced check recovery agency to handle the bounced check. Unfortunately, most bounced check recovery agencies perform more than just check recovery, and this lack of specialization can be problematic for businesses. Without a dedicated team of knowledgeable and experienced check recovery specialists, your business can get lost in the shuffle and not receive the attention you deserve. is a specialized bounced check recovery agency with a focus on helping businesses recover funds from non-sufficient funds checks. Our specialized services yield a high rate of recovery with which most agencies cannot compete. Collection agencies typically recover the full amount of bounced checks 40% to 50% of the time. With Global Check Recovery’s focused team, we are able to recover the full amount of funds 70% to 80% of the time. As a business owner, these numbers should really make a difference – losing funds as a result of a bad check can mean lost income and further financial issues.

Another downside to using other collection agencies is the cost. Most agencies charge merchants set-up fees on day one, before any work is even completed. They also regularly charge monthly or annual fees as well as other costs associated with bounced check recovery. By the time you receive your funds, if you receive them at all, you will probably have paid much more than the actual amount of the bounced check. At Global Check Recovery, we understand that sufficient cash flow is an absolute necessity in business, and that is why we do not charge any fees for our service. Another way agencies try to get more money for their services is by retaining a percentage of the collected funds. We pride ourselves on the fact that we return the full amount to the business owner.

Maintaining a thriving business is hard, and receiving bad checks only makes it harder. With the help of Global Check Recovery, you can be sure that your cash flow remains steady and every dollar is accounted for. Don’t let bad checks slow you down – use the free, dedicated bounced check recovery services from!

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