Global Check Recovery: An Online Check Collection Agency That Fights for You

Are you looking for some additional support? If you are a business professional, accountant, financial forecaster, landlord, or any other type of individual who regularly sees checks or financial spreadsheets, you know how important it is that your records are accurate. In order to properly report your numbers, plan for the future, and keep your business running, you need to be sure that you are actually receiving all of the funds that your were forecasted to receive. As you may or may not know, revenue can come in the form of cash payments, credit card transaction, and checks. Why not look for an Online Check Collection Agency?

When it comes to checks, you can sometimes run into unanticipated problems. Every business owner has probably run into a bad check or two in their life, and this is sometimes just the nature of things. An accidental over-withdrawal or a delay in the bank clearance of a deposit that was intended to cover the check can be a simple explanation. However, you can also run into a scenario where someone is attempting to get out of making a payment or simply do not have the funds available. In this type of situation, you are left holding the bad check and are out the money you were owed. Or are you? Could there be another solution?

 This is where comes into play. We are an Online Check Collection Agency that specializes in helping you recover the face value of the check that has been written out to you. All you need to do is SIGN UP for our FREE, easy, and effective service. You read that correctly—our Online Check Collection Agency offers you these services absolutely free with no contract commitment and you can send as many checks as you’d like. Please continue reading to discover what types of checks are eligible to be electronically re-presented by an Online Check Collection Agency:

Both personal and business checks are eligible

Checks must not be older than 180 days

The total amount of the check must be less than $2,500.00

When regarding the point of sale, proper notification must have been given

Only checks returned as NSF, Insufficient Funds, or similar reasons may be electronically re-presented

Checks cannot be deposited more than 3 times in total, (which is usually once by the merchant and 2 more times by the RCK processor)

If you have any additional questions about our Online Check Collection Agency, please call us at 1.866.524.3339 or leave us a reply below!

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