NSF Check Recovery and Banks: What You Need To Know

As you run your small business or organization, you will most certainly come across NSF checks. Basically, NSF checks are checks written by those who do not have the necessary funds (non-sufficient funds) to cover the amount of the check. What you might not know is exactly what banks do with NSF checks when you do not use Global Check Recovery’s NSF check recovery.

First, for the check writer, the bank will charge a fee. This fee is applied to each NSF check and can potentially cost the check writer more than $30 per check. If the check writer already has non-sufficient funds to cover the check, then his or her bank account will be brought further into a negative balance, resulting in even more penalty fees.

Without using an NSF check recovery service, banks represent checks on their own. Typically, banks present checks twice before returning it to the account holder who initially attempted to deposit it – in this case, your business or organization. If these two attempts prove fruitless, the NSF check is returned to you, and you will be faced with a chargeback fee for attempting to deposit an NSF check. Although the NSF check was not your fault, banks consider anything you bring to the bank your responsibility.

If none of this sounds appealing, consider using Global Check Recovery for your NSF check recovery services. First, we charge absolutely no fees. Many NSF check recovery services charge a fee when using their services. They also charge a setup fee and also require a monthly membership, only adding to your bills. At Global Check Recovery, we require no such things. We charge no fees of any kind. All you need to do is send us your NSF check and we handle the rest, free!

Another advantage to using Global Check Recovery as opposed to doing it yourself is our success rate. We use state-of-the-art electronic check representment technology to ensure a high success rate. Using our electronic NSF check recovery system, we are able to pinpoint the best time to represent a check, allowing you to rest assured that you will receive your rightful funds.

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