NSF Check Collection Solutions for Educational Institutions

Schools and universities have their own unique needs when it comes to accounting. Checks are often written to cover the cost of tuition, meal plans, supplies, yearbooks, athletic programs, after school programs and more. In the case of primary education, a student may have no idea their parent or guardian has written a bad check. It can be a difficult situation to punish a child for an adult’s mistake. That’s why Global Check Recovery offers NSF check collection solutions to help schools deal with bad check more efficiently.

In some cases the check writer may not realize their checking account did not have enough funds to cover the check that was written. This mistake can often be remedied through a quick phone call. In other cases the bad check may have been written intentionally and NSF check collection may be necessary. In order to receive payment on a bad check you must represent it to the bank when the funds are available to cover it. While this process sounds easy enough, there is no guarantee the check will go though the second time.    

The primary difficulty in NSF check collection is that the bank limits the number of times a check can be represented. As a result, an individual must be certain that the funds are available when doing a check representment. With Global Check Recovery, we work with an advanced system that handles representments electronically. This system is designed to produce the greatest success rate by properly timing representments with the bank.

Global Check Recovery’s system is simple to use and requires no upfront cost to the school and no annual fee. Simply collect your NSF checks and send them to Global Check Recovery and let us handle the NSF check collection from there. We make our money from the fees charged by the bank, so you will never receive a bill from global check recovery.

 If you want to increase your school or university’s success with NSF check collection, then look no further than Global Check Recovery. We can help your accounting department get the money they deserve without the headaches and hassles involved in pursuing the collection themselves.

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