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FAQ pageElectronic Check re-presentment is the method of choice for NSF recovery. GCR wants to educate finance officers and business owners on how to maximize profits, minimize losses and efficiently recover NSF checks. This new form of processing virtually revolutionizes NSF check recovery for all businesses that receive bad checks.

  • Free Check Collection Service
  • No Monthly or Annual Fees
  • No Setup Fees
  • No Equipment to Lease or Purchase
  • 100% of Check Amount Returned
  • Online Reporting

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What type of checks can be electronically re-presented?

  • Business and Personal Checks.
  • Check must be no more than 180 days old.
  • Check must be equal or less than $2500.00.
  • Proper notification must have been given at the point of sale.
  • Checks must be returned as NSF, Insufficient Funds or for similar reasons.
  • Checks may not be presented electronically more than a total of 3 times. Usually checks are presented once by the Merchant and 2 additional times by GCR.

Are there any minimums?

  • No, the merchant may send as many or as few checks as they want.

Can our service be utilized to collect out-of-state checks?

  • Yes, the system can collect checks written anywhere in the U.S.

How much does the service cost the merchant?

  • Nothing! We get paid the check return fee. There are never any fees to the merchant.

Does the merchant have to sign a long term contract?

  • No, there’s no long term contract to sign. In the unlikely event that a merchant would like to stop using our free Check Recovery service, all they have to do is stop sending in checks. There are no cancellation fees and we will continue to recover funds from the NSF checks that are already in our system.

How quickly does the merchant receive reimbursement?

  • The merchant receives payment every week for funds recovered and settled the previous week. They also receive weekly reports that detail the checks that have been entered into the system and payments received.

Why should I use your redeposit service instead of a collection agency?

  • Let’s compare these two totally different services.
Features GCR Collection Agency
Service Charge NO YES
Monthly Minimum NO Usually
Effective for Out of State Checks YES Not usually
Minimum Account Size NO Yes
Minimum Transaction Size NO Varies
Success Rate 50-85% 40-50%

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