How to Handle an NSF Check

There are many reasons why a person writes what becomes an NSF check. Most of the time, the NSF check is written completely by accident or because of an oversight on the part of the check writer. There are instances, however, when one intentionally writes an NSF check. Intentionally writing a bad check is illegal, so it is of major importance to take a few necessary steps before you request prosecution.

First, try contacting the check writer and let them know that their check has become an NSF check. You may find out that the check was written by accident. Inform them that they need to write a new check and advise them to check their bank account to be sure they have sufficient funds to cover the amount of the check. Remain calm and polite and do not make any threats. Again, this may all be a case of a person making a mistake.

If no steps have been taken to remedy the situation after making this initial contact, you will need to send the check writer a certified letter. Enclose with this letter a return receipt and demand that payment for the NSF check be made. This is a much more stern approach than the initial contact, but it is warranted. Once a few days pass after sending the certified letter, the next step would be to contact the bank to see if the NSF check is now good. Your customer may have deposited enough money into their account, and many banks will check to make sure there is enough cash to cover your check.

If you have taken the aforementioned steps and you are still unable to receive your rightful funds, then, unfortunately for the check writer, it may be time to begin your request for prosecution. This is a very serious step, so be sure to make every effort to contact the check writer. If you hear absolutely nothing, then it is time to contact the police department of district attorney.

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