How To Collect A Bounced Check For Your Municipality

Municipalities are struggling economically, and receiving NSF checks only makes matters worse. So if you represent a municipality and you’re wondering how to collect on a bounced check, Global Check Recovery is here to help. Whether you’re a city or county office, water department, license bureau, or another similar agency, we can provide our services to you quickly, efficiently, and best of all, free of charge.

When your much-needed income is hindered by figuring out how to collect on a bounced check, we can help. Don’t put other critical matters off. Whatever your government office handles, you know how bad checks can slow you down. Let Global Check Recovery handle the collection of your NSF checks.

Say goodbye to time lost trying to track down individuals who have submitted NSF checks. We know how to collect on a bounced check and can save you valuable time and effort. You receive the entire face value of the bad checks we collect and we reimburse the collected funds to you weekly. We also set you up with online reporting so you can stop worrying about how to collect on a bounced check and start counting your earnings.

Additionally, we provide you with a personal account manager to oversee your relationship with our services. Having a personal contact at Global Check Recovery who’s familiar with your municipality provides a major boost to your recovery effort. Because your account manager already knows you and your municipality, we can spend less time finding out about what you do, and more time finding the payment you are owed. How to collect on a bounced check becomes an unnecessary question, and you can get back to your work. And remember, our service is absolutely free to you and your municipality. 

With our municipality services, your city or town is protected from losing money to bad checks. Stop chasing after your municipality’s money. Don’t spend your time wondering how to collect on a bounced check. Let Global Check Recovery do all the work for you.

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