Handling Returned Checks the Right Way

According to a recent Nielson report, over 1.2 million returned checks are written daily. In fact, studies show that each year sees an increase of returned checks. Looking at this data, it is easy to see that if you operate a business or organization, you will see more than your share of returned checks. For many businesses, income from check payments is necessary in order make payroll and keep the business operating efficiently. When returned checks enter the picture, businesses experience problems that can range from minor annoyances to major financial issues.

The judicial system is often used to collect on returned checks. Unfortunately, the many state statutes and guidelines make it next to impossible to use the courts to your advantage. A simple error made when trying to recover funds from returned checks can result in the judge denying your request. Because of this, many companies hired attorneys to take care of these matters. An attorney can help make sure that the proper procedures are followed to the letter – at a price. Lawyers can become a costly expense, and in some cases, you’ll end up paying more in lawyer fees than the returned checks are worth.

Another downside to using the judicial system to help you recover funds from returned checks is that a court ordered judgment does not guarantee payment from the check writer. Wouldn’t it be great to have an account manager dedicated to recovering your rightful funds? Global Check Recovery does just that, and we do it completely free. Since 1998, Global Check Recovery has been one of the top check collection agencies in the nation, and thousands of satisfied clients have benefited from our services.

We use an advanced electronic representment system that determines the best time to represent returned checks, eliminating the needs for you to communicate with the check writers or financial institutions. Once recovered, we deliver 100% of the funds to you. We require no set up fees, nor do we ask for monthly or annual membership dues.

Many check recovery agencies require a minimum number of checks and absurd check amount minimum. Global Check Recovery is different – you can submit as many or as few checks as you want, as long as they are less than 180 days old, and they can be any amount up to $2,500.

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