Global Check Recovery Systems

Since 1997, Global Check Recovery has been providing valuable NSF fund recovery through its check recovery systems. GCR offers free check collection services without any additional costs or hidden fees. We return 100% of the funds from your NSF checks to you and you don’t have to sign a long term contract or maintain any monthly, account, or transaction minimums to retain our services. We earn money through collecting check recovery fees from banks so we don’t need to pass on our costs to our clients.

Our check recovery systems have a 50-85% success rate, compared to the 40-50% success enjoyed by agencies that charge you for their services. With online reporting you can receive detailed weekly reports about the checks that have been entered into our check recovery systems and the payments you will receive. We send payment of recovered funds to you every week, so you don’t have to be waiting for the money you are owed.

Global Check Recovery can recover business and personal checks that are no more than 180 days old. Checks must be $2500 or less and proper notification at point of sale must have been given. Checks must be returned for insufficient funds (NSF) or for similar reasons.

Another benefit of our check recovery systems is their flexibility. If, for some reason, you wanted to cancel our services, all you would need to do is stop sending checks to us. Because GCR doesn’t operate under a contract system, you can decide to quit using our check recovery systems at any time. But because we’re a free service without any contracts or commitments, our clients prefer to stay affiliated with us.

Over 24 billion checks are written every year, and millions of them return to their owners unpaid. Don’t lose out on income you’ve earned or caught up trying to find lost checks instead of worrying about more important aspects of your business. Why pay for check recovery systems when GCR is free and more effective? Let find your NSF checks today and enjoy the lack of stress that comes from missing or bounced checks.

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