Getting Your Money Back on Bounced Checks

Bounced checks are not only disruptive and irritating; they can also be detrimental to your business or organization. Without the funds from bounced checks, you may be missing payments or worse, submitting bounced checks of your own. Luckily, there’s a simple solution to collecting on that bounced check, and the solution is free.

Global Check Recovery’s national check recovery services can recover bounced checks that were returned for insufficient funds and similar reasons without any charge to you. We collect the return fees paid by banks, allowing us to operate without charging our clients. We return 100% of the funds collected from your bounced checks, and we don’t charge you any setup, monthly, annual, service, or cancellation fees. There is no special equipment to lease or purchase from us and we don’t require you to maintain a minimum account or transaction size.

Unlike state-bound collection agencies, we can track your bounced checks nationally. We send you reimbursement for funds recovered every week and provide weekly reports detailing the checks entered into our system and the payments we’ve returned. We don’t require you to sign any long term contracts, and if you wanted to stop using our free services, you could cancel at any time by not sending any more NSF checks to us.

We can collect on business and personal checks. The check must be no more than 180 days old and must be equal or less than $2500. The proper notification must have been given when the check was given to the merchant, and the checks must be returned for insufficient funds or similar reasons. The bounced check also may not have been deposited more than two times. If your bounced check meets these criteria, Global Check Recovery has a 50 to 85% success rate with collecting on checks, compared to the 40 to 50% percent success of traditional collection agencies.

If you’re tired of hunting down bounced checks or paying someone exorbitant fees to do it for you, Global Check Recovery can solve your check collection problems today. Choose for a free debt collection service you can trust and get back to business as usual.

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