Don’t Let Bounced Checks Derail Your Business

If there is one thing that all businesses and organizations have in common, it’s that bounced checks can go from a simple annoyance to a damaging problem that can cost money and time. When your business or organization receives bounced checks, it can cause you to miss payments of your own, leave payroll unfulfilled, and gradually turn into a financial nightmare if not taken care of properly and in a timely fashion. It is precisely these reasons that motivated us to create a free solution.

Global Check Recovery is a national company solely focused on recovering funds from bounced checks. We use a high tech method of electronic representment to maximize our success rate and collect the return fees paid by banks, allowing us to provide our proven services completely free of charge. Our clients use and recommend our services again and again because of our commitment to returning 100% of the funds from bounced checks to the client. We want to be sure our clients are well taken care of, so we do not charge setup fees, nor do we require monthly or annual service fees.

Most bounced check collection agencies are restricted to their home state. We, on the other hand, operate on a national scale, allowing us to track your bounced checks to any bank in the country. Each week, you will receive reimbursement checks for the full amount of the bounced checks you send us. We also provide you with weekly detailed reports, outlining the progress we’ve made on your account.

This may sound like a long-term commitment on your part, but it is not. We do not require our clients to sign long-term contracts, and we allow you to cancel using our free services at any time. We don’t charge cancellation fees, so you are free to opt out of our services at any time.

If you have used other bounced check collection agencies, and are tired of losing more funds before you gain anything back, contact Global Check Recovery. We can recover your funds in a timely manner, and do it for free. If you have any questions about our services, please contact us by calling 1-866-524-3339.

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