Choosing the Right Check Collection Services

Receiving a bad check can be more than just a headache. It can become an expensive and time-consuming process that doesn’t always end successfully. You will be faced with communicating directly with the bank, which takes valuable time away from running your business. Also, since banks only allow a finite number of check representments, there is no guarantee that you will recover the funds that are rightfully yours. The best way to ensure your funds are recovered is to use check collection services.

There are many different kinds of check collection services available at your disposal, but Global Check Recovery outshines them all. Many other check collection services have costs associated with their services. First, they will charge you a set-up fee, then you will be assessed a monthly or annual fee. There are even check collection services that will force you to purchase special equipment or request a percentage of your recovered funds. This is never the case at Global Check Recovery. We never our clients any fees and we return 100% of your recovered funds.

We’re often asked, “If your services are completely free, is it as good as services who do charge fees?” Although the adage, “You get what you pay for,” may apply to many instances in life, it is certainly not true for the incredible check collection services you will receive from Global Check Recovery. Fee-laden check collection services are successful 40% to 50% of the time. At Global Check Recovery, we maintain a solid 50% to 85% success rate.

Another benefit to using Global Check Recovery over other check collection services is that we do not require a minimum account size or minimum transaction size. Also, unlike most check collection services, we do not require you to meet a monthly minimum of checks to be collected. We only collect on checks that you specify.

Another advantage we have over other check collection services is that we are adept at recovering funds from out of state checks. Other check collection services only work within the boundaries of their state. Our state-of-the-art method allows us to collect on checks from anywhere within the United States.

When you receive a bad check, you may feel as if the only way to collect your funds is to lose money, either by attempting to collect yourself or by having an expensive and possibly ineffective check collection agency handle it for you. Let show you that we can successfully get your money, free of charge!

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