A Bad Check Collection Agency you can Trust

Municipalities, small business, healthcare providers, educational institutions, and not-for-profit organizations have endured major monetary setbacks in today’s economic climate. Receiving bad checks compounds the problem and requires great amounts of time and effort to address properly. Stop taking time away from the needs of your citizens and customers to track down lost cash. Traditional collection agencies are not the solution because their fees add to your debt total and their operations are usually limited to within their particular state. You need a bad check collection agency to fight to return the money you are rightfully owed.

Global Check Recovery is a bad check collection agency you can trust. We do not make you sign any monthly contracts and charge no setup fees for our services. There is no equipment you need to purchase or lease from us, and you get 100% of the amount of your check returned. Since we collect the check return fee, we don’t pass on any of our service costs to you. Our national check recovery services transcend state boundaries and are much more successful than ordinary collection agencies. We don’t require a minimum account or transaction size for your activities with us. But best of all, we offer our services free of charge!

Our bad check collection agency handles personal and business checks that do not exceed a payment of $2500 and are less than 180 days old. As long as proper identification was displayed at point of sale, and the check was returned for Insufficient Funds or a similar reason, our bad check collection experts can help get your money back to you quickly and without any cost to you.

With Global Check Recovery, you are given a dedicated personal account manager to look after your interests.  Your collected funds are reimbursed to you on a weekly basis so you aren’t waiting around for the money to appear in your account. You can cancel our services at any time if you feel it’s necessary to do so because we don’t operate with a long-term agreement or contract. So stop settling for debt and frustration and let us start collecting the money that’s owed to you. Global Check Recovery is a bad check collection agency that stands apart to serve you best.

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